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Cover of Frozen Whispers
Frozen Whispers
3.5 Edition
Level 3
9 pages

Despite the bitter cold that reigns here nine months of the year, the Timberway Forest has long been a source of prosperity for civilized folk who live nearby. Many trappers and hunters spend the better part of the year within its borders, stockpiling furs and meat to trade in the frontier towns to the south, where they spend their winters. Most feel that the value of these commodities makes braving the Timberway Forest worth the risk. Recently, though, a small group of trappers and hunters has awakened a terrible new menace in the forest. Based in a remote hunter's abode called the Bluerock Lodge, they hunted the animals of the woods more out of a deep-seated desire to be cruel than a need to feed themselves. In particular, they focused their hateful attention on the local Timberway lion population. Timberway lions are rather small (more like leopards), but they are known for being lithe and wary. Still, the trappers had the advantage of intelligence and tools, and before long they had slaughtered the entire pride save for its leader. As the winter worsened and game grew ever more scarce, this last surviving lion began to starve. At that point, the darker forces of nature took notice, and the Timberway Forest gained a predator like no other. Frozen Whispers is a short D&D adventure for four 3rd-level player characters (PCs). The scenario is set mostly in and near a remote hunter’s lodge in a snowy forest. The scenario can be placed in any cold area of your campaign world that features a remote tract of woodland—a copse of trees near the arctic circle, a swath of taiga near the treeline on a high mountainside, or even a normally temperate forest caught in the grip of an unnaturally snowy winter. As always, feel free to adapt the material presented here as you see fit to make it work with your campaign.

Cover of Icewind Curses: Hunger
Icewind Curses: Hunger
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
22 pages

When a harsh winter turns uneasy neighbors into bitter rivals, or worse, Granny Grimsicle sees an opportunity to spread her unique brand of horror in Hrokstead. Short on food themselves and exhausted from their adventures, our heroes arrive in the frontier settlement to find that something is very wrong. Can they get to the bottom of the threat, and make it out alive? This title stands as a one-shot, but also plants seeds for the ongoing Hags of Hoarfrost anthology. It works great as a supplement to Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, or placed into your own homebrew setting, or run as a standalone adventure. This module includes a detailed battle map and a monster token for use on Virtual Tabletops, and player handouts presented as standalone images for easy distribution to your online players.

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