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The Well of Wishes

Step into the pixie village of Pleppil, a strange and enchanting place filled with a group of fey creatures whose society revolves around the accumulation of shiny objects. Every home in Pleppil is adorned with dozens, if not hundreds, of various objects that glimmer in the sunlight or glow by the light of the moon. The pixies frequently roam to nearby towns and roads to steal new shinies from unsuspecting townsfolk and travelers.

While most pixies make their homes high up in the trees, similar in size and design to birdhouses used by some of the wealthier city folks, one pixie by the name of Quillen is left on the forest floor. When Quillen (or Quill as his friends call him) was young, he was attacked by a wizard when trying to scavenge a copper coin. He survived, but his wings were mangled and he lost the ability to fly. The damage was so great that no pixie healing magic could repair his poor wings.

Quill is not one to give up hope on regaining his flight, however. On one of his recent travels with his trusty porcupine steed, Spike, he found a group of tall folk meandering through the forest. Always a curious pixie, Quill crept up close and did some eavesdropping. He heard them discussing a wonder called the Well of Wishes. This place is said to contain waters that can cure any ailment – hopefully
even destroyed pixie wings! Now Quill seeks a group of adventurers who will join him on this exciting and potentially dangerous journey into the heart of the forest to find this Well of Wishes and finally regain his flight!

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