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The Shrine of Marthammor Duin

(From DM's Guild) The Shrine of Marthammor Duin is a short excursion meant to supplement an ongoing Princes of the Apocalypse campaign. At it's core however, this is a traveller shrine that could be devoted to a deity in your homebrew games or any of the other god's of travel in the Dungeons and Dragons pantheons. It includes one new monster, two new items, a shrine map, and a printable player handout for your adventure.

This short series of encounters was created to help Tyar-Besil feel more like a real place that was integrated into the surrounding lands and not just a dungeon filled with mad cultists. It also provides a nice opportunity for you to deliver some of the campaign’s back story to your players in an organic way.

It will be particularly fun to run with groups that have a dwarf in them who can translate the native dwarven text in the shrine for the rest of the party and connect with the kingdom of Besilmer.

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