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MM1 The Modron Maze

In a distant dimension of existence, a collective of Modrons run experimental tests to find the answer to one question: What draws adventurers to places known as "Dungeons"?

Hijacking the travel of adventuring parties, these Modrons subject them to a series of tests in their artificially created dungeon. Deadly combat, logic puzzles, "moral" challenges, and a plot about a kidnapped "Maiden" Modron by an "Evil Wizard Construct" can be found within. But not all is as it seems...

Leading the experiment is a rogue Modron officer named the Creative Director, who has gone mad and morphed the tests into an elaborate death trap for adventurers. Seeking revenge against those it considers responsible for its “imprisonment”, it pits the adventurers against ever escalating challenges. Who will defeat the Creative Director and put an end the mad tests?

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