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The Claret Wellspring

The Claret Wellspring is an adventure for four 4th-5th level PCs.

"The first spell cast has not yet finished its work."

Strange lights in the desert lead the PCs to a long-forgotten oasis. Travelling towards the lights, the PCs are threatened by magic so old, it defies categorization. Arriving at the withered shore of a blood-colored pool, the PCs discover an ancient dial and three tooth-like columns rising from the ground. Turning the dial results in the water being magically siphoned into the column's hollow cavities. If the pool is emptied, a small door is revealed in the crimson-stained much. They must defeat a blood-infused water elemental before proceeding.

Once inside, the PCs share a room with a dark ritual running since the origin of the world. The keeper of the place, an immortal fey inside a powerful suit of armor, offers little explanation as to the nature of the ritual, and he seeks to ensure they tell no one of the Claret Wellspring.

Written By
Jon Sawatsky
Published By
Kobold Press
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Levels 4–5
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mattgleeson has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This was easy to drop in as a wilderness side quest. I had to nerf the final boss a bit but my party was a bit underpowered.