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Temple of the Basilisk Cult

Something sinister stirs in the jungle. When a vicious cult attacks an archaeological dig site, the players are the only ones who can stop the bloodbath! The party must enter the dangerous wilds and find the basilisk-worshippers' hidden temple – before they strike again.

It includes:

-Four brand new monsters
-Dangerous jungles, crumbling temples, and terrifying traps!
-A carefully crafted format to make running the adventure easy at a glance
-Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure
-Digital maps for use with virtual table tops

Written By
Kelsey Dionne
Publication Year
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Level 1
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KremSlumdump has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Well written, simple to read adventure and easy to run, the encounters were a good mix as others have said. I ran this with 4 players who are brand new to D&D and they loved it, it took us 3.5 hours, though we didn't have any major encounters in the jungle however. Felt the adventure was quite deadly for 1st level. Great battle maps, lots of detail and obstacles to make combat tactical, but would have liked a more printer friendly version. I'm definitely excited to read more of Kelsey Dionne's adventures! 9/10

Additional comments/things I wish I had done

I changed the check for secret door aspect of the temple, and made this a puzzle involving the statue, where placing both it's glass eyes would reveal the door I placed one in the sarcophagus and one in one of the cult members. This meant players weren't forced to go through the refuse tunnel but had to complete an additional challenge to get the door.

The final fight is deadly, I had two characters go unconscious though I think making sure the players know their primary objective is to eliminate the cult rather than kill the Basilisks would solve this as then the players dispatch of the shame and get out of there quickly if they need to and not feel like they have "failed".

Odysseus has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Kelsey does a great job with the format of this adventure. Very easy to read and run. The adventure has a great mix of encounters, social, exploration and combat. Its says its for 1st level, but I found it somewhat tough. And 2nd may be more appropriate.

KrestBoss has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Short Version: 10/10

This adventure is great as written but can also be adjusted to fit into any campaign or to suit any level of party. The adventure is written to be played with minimal preparation while helping set the scene and provide excellent suggestions for proper pacing to keep the players engaged.

It comes with beautiful battle maps split up for the players and the DM/GM, includes some cool and smart enemies, some well designed ruins, and sets up for an excellent final fight that will make your party hate a character in the way everyone will love.

Suggestion: if running for a higher level party, I would strongly recommend a legendary Basilisk show up in the final fight ;)