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Perilous Awakenings

"Persuaded by a foreigner mage, the survivors of an expedition to the ruins of Castle Perilous return bearing old relics of the fallen Witch-King of Vaasa. However, after getting back to Castle Valls in Damara, the very stone structure is affected by these artifacts, infused with life and evil intent, setting its will against those who tread its halls."

Perilous Awakening is an adventure for a group of 6th-10th level characters. It is set in the town of Valls, at the northern region known as the Bloodstone Lands, in the kingdom of Damara, in Faerûn, in Toril, in the Forgotten Realms. However, with little modifications, you can run this adventure in whatever world you wish.
This adventure includes:
PDF file including the 35-page adventure.
3 maps a simplified view of the town of Valls, Castle Valls and a part of the town, and Castle Vall's dungeon level, all ready to be printed or for use in the web.
10 new enemies between awakened objects, evil wizards, and one of the Witch-King's Book of Creation to antagonize the adventurers.
The artifact known as the Book of Creation to tempt the adventurers into higher evil powers.

Written By
Gerge Coelho
Published By
DMs Guild
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Levels 6–10
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