Cover of DSE1 - Dragon's Crown Box Set

DSE1 - Dragon's Crown Box Set

Hail, heroes of Tyr!

Bravely you have served your adopted city since the day of King Kalak's fall. As slaves and rebels you rose from Kalak's slave pits to claim your freedom from his ancient tyranny. Now that freedom is being threatened once again by an insidious new enemy, one who controls the use of psionics throughout the dying world of Athas!

The Dragon's Crown adventure is the exciting climax of the Freedom module series in one final journey of epic proportions, the player characters must defend everything they have worked so hard to build. Seven adventures connected by one great plot take the PC's from the volcanic islands of the Sea of Silt to an ancient wonder hidden in the forests of the Dragon Crown Mountains. The grandest and most ambitious adventure of the Dark Sun game world, Dragon's Crown will provide many hours of exciting play!

The previous flip-book modules (Freedom, Road to Urik, Arcane Shadows and Asticlian Gambit), are helpful, but they are not necessary to enjoy Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown, the first epic adventure for the DARK SUN™ world, takes players to the four corners of Athas, a world without...psionics?

Someone, or something, in Athas has seized control of psionics. The magical powers of the sorcerer-kings, the avangion Korgunard, and the Dragon are ebbing rapidly. A tide of evil is blanketing the land and it must be stopped! But first, players must learn the secrets of the Order. This "super module" can be played as one big adventure or as separate scenarios.


Out of the Valley adventure
The Road of Fire adventure
Dragon's Crown Mountains adventure

TSR 2416

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